14. Mar, 2019

Shadowsquad Conroy Gwillam at 6 months

Conroy is coming along really well he has attended training classes doing the puppy foundation course; where he learnt to sit, walk on a lead quietly, recall and he met other dogs and people. He also goes for a daily walk out on the commons and has been to local shops and towns. He is proving to be a friendly bold dog who learns quickly and enjoys training and interaction with people and other dogs.
Of course at home his Great Aunt Shadowsquad Holly Berry the face of Leaping Dog pet foods bosses him about a lot as she tends to rule Major and now Conroy too; however all 3 are great friends and do get along well as long as Holly wins the ball games.
Conroy will be returning to training classes soon; so look out for more of his adventures as he grows up.
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