please specify which variety when ordering

Chicken ,Sweet potato carrots and peas puppy food 60% meat


pork and apple

chicken and herb

duck and orange

turkey and Cranberry

salmon and asparagus

venison and mulberry (winter only)

Leaping Dog Lamb and Mint 15kg bag

Price: 48.99 GBP
15 g bag of adult Lamb and Mint variety

Salmon,Haddock and Blue whiting puppy food 15kg ba

Price: 49.50 GBP
15 kg bag of Leaping Dog fish puppy food

Leaping Dog Angus Beef and Sweet potato

Price: 48.99 GBP
15 kg bag of Leaping Dog 50% beef hypoallergenic vet approved grain and dairy free

Leaping Dog Senior Turkey and Cranberry 15kg

Price: 47.99 GBP

Leaping Dog Senior Trout, Salmon and asparagus

Price: 48.99 GBP
senior grain free food with added joint support for the senior dog to help joint mpbility

Leaping Dog Junior

Price: 48.99 GBP
Grain free 60% meat and fish with added support for the growing junior dog 9 to 18 months

Leaping Dog Chicken Puppy

Price: 47.50 GBP
grain free 60% chicken and fish with added support for the growing puppy

Leaping Dog Haddock and Parsley

Price: 49.50 GBP

Leaping Dog Tuna and Broccoli

Price: 49.50 GBP

Leaping dog Chicken and Herb

Price: 45.50 GBP

Leaping Dog Venison and Mulberry

Price: 50.50 GBP

Leaping Dog Duck and Orange

Price: 48.99 GBP