Major leads a busy active life but every one needs a rest and a cuddle sometime

Vet check up

I took Major to the vets for his final puppy check up. He is now almost 7 months and looks very different from the small puppy i brought home just 20 short weeks ago. The vets were very busy when we arrived for our appointment and Major being a vocal kind of guy had to bark at the first person he saw but with the Leaping Dog herself Shadowsquad Holly Berry to show him how to behave he soon settled down. He had his heart and teeth checked and how he moved and was weighed again. at 27 weeks he now weighs 28.95 kg he is growing well on Leaping Dog puppy food he has a lovely glossy coat snowey white teeth and has been gaining 1kg a week now for the last 20 weeks he has great body condition and the vet was very pleased with him and the way he is coming along. We then weighed Holly and checked her heart she is 7 years old this year and is solid bone and muscle with a shiney full coat she weighs in at 39kg. Both the leaping dogs are bred from working lines Major's parents are both Dutch imports and Holly is from the well known Shadowsquad kennels near High Clare they have been breeding from the same working lines since 1959 and she is a testament to their great breeding being strong and athletic with a great temperament she is an active dog who loves her walks and things nothing of jumping a five bar gate or taking a swim in the river on warm days. Both dogs are looking great on Leaping Dog petfood

first show visit for Major

We decided to take Major and the Leaping Dog herself Holly to the Brecon dog agility for 2 reasons one to continue Majors socialiseation and 2 so that we could promote Leaping dog petfood.

Major was given a good brush which was a first for him Holly too enjoyed a good groom so they could look their best we then loaded samples and dogs in to the car and off we went.

I dropped Tim off with the 2 dogs so he could walk the last quarter mile or so and went to park the car. We were very pleased with Major he did bark when he arrived but soon settled down and sat quietly by Holly as we watched the show and talked to different people and apart from looking a bit uncomforable when strange dogs came very close Major was a very good boy meeting different people and watching the agility so pleased with the way he is coming along he now walks to heel on and off the lead his recall is really good and he sits as soon as you stop when we are out walking

Canal Walk the continueing adventures of Major

Last Sunday we took Major and the Leaping Dog herself for a walk along the canal in Brecon.

As always with Major he barked at the first person he saw while the Leaping Dog herself Holly stared at him aghast at his bad manners. He then settled down really well had a good look at the lovely Mallard Ducks on the canal and we were surprised to see 2 Moscoveys floating along with them. Major behaved really well when other people walking toward us passed sitting quietly even if they had dogs with them; for bikes too he was really well behaved and we were delighted he ignored the sheep in the fields running alongside the towpath. He was uncomfortable when one bigger dog pulled toward him but was still well behaved the only blot on the day was when we came to the end of our walk a very nice couple with a dog came over to say halo and make a fuss of Major. This he found a bit much having 2 people and a strange quite big dog was too much for him and once again he barked a warning he was just a bit nervous and uncomfortable so we still have more work to do on this. Over all it was an enjoyable afternoon

I hope you keep following the adventures of Major as he grows along with following the Leaping Dog herself Shadow squad Holly Berry

start of training and ball game session

27. Jan, 2017

trip to Hay on Wye

Well next trip to try to socialise Major and stop him barking at people is to the little town of Hay-on- Wye known as the town of books.
Hay is a very pretty little town with its small boutique shops and book stores and butter market. We went with Major to get him used to walking along the streets and with us as a support and hopefully good influence we took the Leaping Dog herself Shadow squad Hollyberry. Major in his first walk through the town a few days ago had been startled by someone suddenly appearing running at him round a corner and had taken to barking at people luckily this time with the solid presence of Holly there to give him support and confidence he walked quietly at heel sitting everytime we stopped or waited to cross the road so pleased with him he looked very proud of himself too as we gave him some Leaping Dog as a treat before leaving the pretty little town

Major out new puppy at 15 weeks at his first puppy party.

The photo's show a nice well behaved puppy one to be proud of; in reality Major is'nt like that and at his first puppy party we arrived slightly late (my Fault i am not a good time keeper never have been sadly no matter how hard i try i always seem to be late where as my husband always seems to be early we won't go there) Any way we arrived everyone else with their lovely well behaved puppies were already there then our hooligan arrives decides it is too overwheming walking in to a room full of puppies and strangers and spends the first 10 minutes hiding behind Tim's legs and barking at everyone he eventually gets the idea that this is a fun place with new friends and TREATS so starts rushing round trying to get everyone elses treats, which is when he spies the treat tin and though great no need to wait for the hand outs just go and help myself we had to step in really quickly so he went over and helped himself to the dachshunds kong it had treats in it. Eventually he remembers his manners and starts to behave so i quickly snapped a few photo's of this angelic behaviour for the website to show how sweet he is when he wants to be (I HAVE EXPLAINED TO HIM THAT HE IS REPRESENTING LEAPING DOG when he is out and about) not sure he has taken this on board yet 😙 note to self have another talk with him before next party which is today . Watch out for his new adventures or mis-adventures on here as he grows up


Major 's first puppy party

Major with new best friend Gus

Major and Gus

who gets the ball ?