12. Apr, 2021

Why i started Leaping Dog

Hello everyone you must be wondering why i would ask myself if I was slowly killing my dog. 

We lost a lovely dog far to young to cancer; we had also lost a dog a few years before to cancer. 

I did some research and found that dogs statistically were dying younger than they used too. 

I did more research and wondered if the food we are feeding could be contributing to this.

Our dogs are important to us and like many people we try to do our best for them.

So the first thing I discovered about dog food is; there is something of a monoply; there are 4 big companies that own many brands of dog food. companies you may not expect in fact let me show you the companies and what they own 

MARS: Pedigree, Cesar, Chappie, Frolic, Pal, Nutro, Greenies, James wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Royal Canin veterinary diets.

NESTLE: Bakers, Bonio, winalot, Beta, ProPlan, Purina one, Purina Veterinary Diets, Tails, Lily's Kitchen.

COLGATE-PALMOLIVE: Hills Science Plan Hills Prescription Diets.

PROCTOR & GAMBLE : Eukanuba, Iams.

These 4 big companies are the market leader. They have massive buying power and the ability to fund lavish TV, magazine and Newspaper adverts. They have basically cornered the petfood market.

We see adverts and vets extolling the quality and health giving properties of the wonderful foods they produce. If only the ingredients in the food were as good as all the hype

Most vets will recommend dog food from one of the big four companies indeed lots of vets will sell you the food; these companies understand only too well the importance of veterinary recommendations and spend alot of money on sponsoring Nutrional modules at colleges. Hills for instance sponsored the British Veterinary Associations 2009 Congress the biggest meeting on the veterinary calender why do you think they would do that

Let me make one thing clear:

All pet food is regulated all petfood must meet stringent regulations there are codes of practise to follow and foods must by law meet your pets nutrional needs the food must keep your dog alive. Ingredient lists must be written with the ingredient listed first that is the highest percentage of the food contained in the bag  (or does it ) i'll get back to that one.

However having done my research I was shocked to realise that many dog foods are actually 70% or more carbohydrate thats a lot of carbohydrate for a species that is essentially a carnivoire with an ominivore slant. Alot of the carbs are from grains such as maize the percentage of maize in a dog food is often hidden on the ingredient list because it can be listed as maize, maize gluten, maize flour that is all maize if you add it all together maize can be the main ingredient in that food and dogs were never intended to live off corn they are not chickens 

Maize and wheat are hard for a dog to digest their intestinal tract is too short to digest grain well; the gluten protein in grains can damage the lining of the small intestine. wheat intolarant dogs are quite common and can lead to wide ranging health issues that can affect the skin and cause digestive problems and yet many foods contain wheat. all these grains are cheap fillers and yet they are in some premium dogfoods. Hydrolised animal proteins can be seen in ingredient lists the process used to produce it can form monosodium glutamate a food additive that can cause food adication in people. in fact the more you go through some of the ingredient lists the more you realise the foods are often full of flavour enhancers and artificial colours and preservatives in one form or another. so you have all this and then you add in the meat and animal derivatives could be made from feathers claws beaks etc alot of these premium foods do not seem to have premium ingredietents at all. 

Now when you buy a bag of dog food not many people think they are paying for the actual bag and the manufacturing and the travelling that food has done to be produced and get to you and all the checking etc that has to happen and of course the wages of the people involved and  you are also paying for the ingredients so if some of the premium bags of dog food are in the main full of fillers and cheap meat or fish byproducts what goes in to the budget food you see. 

 By now i was really concerned when food is hard to metabolise not only is it robbing the body of essential nutrients it is robbing the body of energy as well and the internal organs the liver and the kidneys are having to work harder than they should. Food can affect the behavoir of your dogs and as i have said cause other health issues. Some of the ingredients in dog foods I noticed have been considered to be carcinogenic. I had I felt learnt enough. I wanted to find a good way to feed my dogs and be certain they were receiving the 37 essential nutrients they needed over time for good health. I looked at raw feeding the issue i had with it,  though it is a good way to feed your dog is the freezer space I would need to feed my 3 big dogs. I was also a bit concerned that i would have to be careful to get the balance right so they had all their nutritional requirements met; Plus convenience I felt does come in to it.  Thoughi am always happy to feed our dogs extras such as tinned sardies , eggs some left over meat etc i didnt feel raw feeding was the answer for us. So i decided to start Leaping Dog food so I knew what was in the food  I was feeding and I knew the ingredients were quality ingredients cooked at a low temperature so the protein molecules were not altered and so that fresh meat and fish and veg and fruit could be included in the recipes. The inspiration for the name of the food was Holly who had done some amazing leaps for fun  in her life with us .

 if you would like to feed a dog food that I trust to feed my own precious dogs then check out our prices and varieties in our online store or if you wish more information then please contact me. I am always happy to help .