Meat Meal

12. May, 2021

Today lets talk about meat meal. Most dry dog foods contain meat meal the better meat meals name the protein source they are made of so you might get chicken meat meal or salmon meal. when the protein source is not named then that can cause a problem to anyone who has a dog with food allergies especially as the manufactureres are able to change the meat meal to the cheapest meat meal available on the day that particular batch of food has been made so if you dog does have food allergies you can get caught out and suddenly your dog who has been fine on the food is now showing signs of a food allergy. If your dog does suffer from allergies then only buy food with meat meal as the protein if they name which meat meal it is. Meat meal is just a dry fine brown powder it is made from parts of an animal that would not be used in the human food chain and it is ground up then cooked with steam for 90 minutes or so moisture is removed then the melted fat is seperated from the protein and bone . The cooking will kill any parasites and micro-organisms more moisture is removed and then what is left is ground in to a powder and antioxidents are added to stop it going rancid. This can be natural anti oxidents such as vitamin E and vitamin C or it can be artificial anti oxidents ; since these atificial anti oxidents contain potentially harmful chemicals it is important to chose foods with no artificial additives. Meat meal is highly concentrated and 20% fresh meat would equate to 6.5% meat meal . At Leaping Dog we only ever use a named protein source meat meal and no artificial colours or additives are used in our foods which are always high in meat and fish and we include fresh meat and fish in our recipes 

6. May, 2021

Suddenly out of the blue your dog suddenly has an alergy. Why ? Where has it come from? Nothing has changed and yet my dog suddenly has runny eyes or maybe itchy sore ears or itchy skin or loose stools. 

You cant understand why nothing has changed your feeding the same food walking in the same places everything you do with your dog is the same but there is this allergy

You start going through things maybe you have changed your soap powder or maybe you put conditioner in the wash maybe your dog has eaten something you havent seen or you have given your dog a bath with different shampoo. 

So many reasons why your dog suddenly has an allergy. 

Well this is one of the questions i would ask. Does your dogfood ingredients include derivatives of meat or fish or vegatable origin?

If your food has something like that in the list of ingredients then it is possible the ingredients in your dogs food has changed and you didn't even know. Using a generic ingredient list that says deriatives of meat or fish or vegatable origin is done so the producer of that food can pick the cheapest ingredients available on the day that batch of food was made. It allows them to switch ingredients without having to alter the list on the bags they use. So somewhere in that change to the ingredients is something your dog is allergic too so even though your dog may of been eating that food for a while they are now allergic to it and because the ingredient list is so generic you do not know what your dog is allergic too so you cannot avoid that food. Please learn to read ingredient lists on your dogs food read the list carefully and if you dont know what you are feeding your dog after reading the list it is probably better not to feed that food at all because ethical manufacturers and dog food brands will always give you a list of ingredients that are clear and understandable. The first thing in the list of ingredients should always be the pritein source eithr fish or meat and it should be a named protein; turkey duck chicken beef salmon tuna haddock . The protein portion of your dogs food shoulld be at least 50% ideally. Most dog foods the percentage of meat or fish is often 20% or even as low as 5% this is not ideal for your dog who is designed to digest meat and fish with some fruit and greens often from the digest they foind in prey animals so please read your dogfood ingrdient list carefully